Faux floral pompom fascinator

During my regular internet wanderings, I found a tutorial for a faux floral (using felt) pompom fascinator, and wanted to give it a try myself.

I’ve had a hard time finding wool felt at my regular fabric and craft stores – so for this project I started off with fake felt from Fabricland.  I did find wool felt at a few places subsequently, but figured that the result was ok with the fake stuff (it’s called EcoFelt and is actually made from recycled pop bottles!) so I didn’t need to cut into my (much more expensive!) real wool felt.

The Grosgrain Fabulous blog has really good directions along with clear photos, so I’m not going to replicate them here – but instead just share my own project!

A whole bunch of felt flowers

I started off making a bunch of different flowers using the basic instructions.  Some used more felt than others, some had different widths cut, and some were made from angled felt rather than straight-cut felt.  Ultimately I liked one of these better than the rest (the one on the top left) so decided to use it for the first project.

Underside of the flower - the pinked edges are from the side that met with the other flower.

The base of the flower is really flat, which makes it easy to glue or sew to other things.

With the clip and veil attached.

In the tutorial, the author made  a headband facinator based on a plastic headband.  I always find that these pinch me, mess up my hair, or are just plain uncomfortable – so I decided to do mine using a clip instead, and make it a bit smaller – more like a hair piece than a facinator.  I added some French/Russian veiling,  in a bird-cage style, and added the hair clip. I also made a second with one of the smaller flowers and just put a clip on it (no veiling).

It’s super cute, and I think I’d like to repeat it with a different colour – possibly trying to do something larger and more facinator/hat-like!


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