Faux felt flowers

While blog-surfing, I came across textile designer Ruth Singer, and I absolutely loved her Amelia broaches, and after the previous faux felt floral facinator, I wanted to try my hand at another way of using felt for flowers.  Unlike Ruth Singer though, I didn’t necessarily want to make a broach – nor did I have access to the gorgeous lambswool/angora/cashmere knitwear for felting to start off with – so I stuck with the old Eco-felt from Fabricland instead – though I like the result enough that I might have a thrift-store shopping trip in my future!  (Unless any of my dear friends have a lovely sweater they’ve accidentally shrunk beyond recognition in the wash?)

The base for this flower is about three and a half inches in diameter

So, I made my first one in red, with a base of about 3.5″ (about 9cm) in diameter. I tried a few variations in the petal shape as well, and actually was quite happy with all of them.  I did some with more petals and some with less – again, using nothing but the Eco-felt.  I think this will give me a good idea of what I want to do when I work with different felts.  I also did one in a heather -grey (not just the red) which I really love.

I did a separate backing for it (to hide the pin or support and cushion the clip) and stitched or glued them on to make hair pins.  I also did another red one a bit smaller (about 6cm in diameter) and put a broach back on that one.  My favorite though, I reserved for this facinator.

The finished facinator

This has two panels of red French/Russian veiling (the vendor said that the two terms are interchangeable, however I’m not totally sure on that, so I’m using both!) creating a full circle of veiling around the flower.  It’s attached to a hair clip, for an adorable little floral facinator!  This was a bit time-consuming to make (just due to the hands-sewing) but really cute, and fairly simple too.  Hopefully I’ll get a snapshot of it being worn sometime soon!  Perhaps I’ll need to make a new one for every day of the millinery class that I’m taking.  It starts at the end of the month, and I’m very excited!


One comment on “Faux felt flowers

  1. […] my tentacle hair clip the other day, I also thought it would be nice to share a photo of my recent faux felt floral facinator/clip in use… Quick self-snapshot of the felt flower […]

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