Millinery class

one of the mini top hat facinators I made prior to the class....

I am very excited – the class I have been waiting almost three years to take, I’m finally taking!  It’s a Millinery class (that’s hat-making) and we’ll be focusing on felts, straws, and buckram hats which is very exciting… I’ve made a number of “dressmaker” hats (and a few buckram-base ones too using the dry method) but I’ve never had the opportunity (or tools/supplies!) to make proper millinery hats.

Last Monday was the first class (yes, I’m being terribly late in reporting on it – but every night this week since I’ve been busy it seems!) and I think it will end up being a lot of fun.  The instructor seems very experienced and competent, and although we didn’t get a lot accomplished in the first class, we have several weeks to do a lot, so I think that it was a good use of time overall.

Now, it’s just time to start pulling out some of my inspiration images!  We’re starting with a pillbox hat (which I’ve made before, and don’t find very flattering for my face, but ah well) and I’m already thinking up ideas of how to adapt it to be more flattering and interesting. I’m certainly not interested in a pink wool boucle Jackie K style hat!

So, just a quick note about the class – hopefully in the weeks to follow I’ll have a bunch of new photos and pretty, pretty hats to share!

(Of course, as a teaser for they as-of-yet not planned ‘advanced class’ the instructor teaches, she mentioned facinators and sinamay hats too…. so if there are any other Calgary millinery fans out there…. she needs a minimum number to run the class… *hint hint*!)

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