Book Review: Knitting Vintage

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So to start out I should confess – I’m not a knitter.  I’m a wanna-be knitter, who just has never had the patience for knitting.   Still, perhaps in moments of textile masochism or attempts at inspiring myself so much that I can’t help but pick up those needles, I do love looking at really nice knitting books.  Vintage Knitting by Claire Montgomerie is one of those beautiful knitting books….

I also look at knitting books for inspiration for sewing projects.  While shaping is different and patterns can change, I find that a lot of knitting material can potentially translate to sewing as well -when you have access to good-quality knitted yardage that is!

The book is all about knitted fashions inspired by (ei: not direct pattern knock offs, but rather modern interpretations) of vintage fashions from the 1920’s to the 1980’s.  There are great inspiration boards with photos and other images to help show where the ideas came from, and then really lovely, well-styled photographs of the finished garments themselves.

However, it’s far out of my league.  The prettiest things also look incredibly complicated – for instance creating something vaguely like fur through looped yarn – not yarn developed to create a fun-fur effect, but rather looping the yarn with the stitches themselves…  There is also a project where you knit-in fringe for a flapper dress… all-in-all, it seems very complicated.  There are a few projects for less advanced knitters, but they seem almost boring in comparison – when looking at the high-end beautiful items possible for more advanced and experienced (and patient!) knitters.


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