Book Review: Big little felt universe

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After crafting so many cute little felt flowers recently, I was on a roll, so ordered a book called “Big little felt universe” by Jeanette Lim.  I guess that I didn’t read the description as well as I should have, because although the book is super cute – it really wasn’t what I was looking for.

The projects inside this book are nicely photographed, with full-size patterns which makes it much quicker and easier to make up the projects.  There are adorable little fruits, veggies, cakes, treats, plants plus other play things like a medical set, camping set (with a felt campfire) a tool set and a few other things.

If I had kids, and wanted to give them cute toys for make-believe, this would be a cute resource.  However, I don’t – and the one cute thing that I was looking for in this book (felt flowers) isn’t included.

So it’s back to the bookshelf, and I’ll keep my eye out for more interesting felt flower ideas elsewhere!

The one really good tidbit I got out of this book relates to felt itself though.  The author talks a bit about sources, and the materials to use.  She does not recommend the synthetic felt (acrylic) like is most commonly found at craft and fabric stores, nor the 100% wool felt that I’ve been able to find sporadically through specialty quilt shops.   She claims that the acrylic felt pulls at it’s stitches when stuffed, and thus can rip when stuffed or played with.  For these projects she also suggests that the 100% wool is too thick, so she instead uses a 1mm thick wool blend felt.  She does recommend a source, however it’s from Japan – so not really especially useable. Luckily -my flowers are not toys – and the tearing won’t really be and issue for me to worry about.

The only project I did try from this book was for the “whipped cream” topping – which I definitely saw as a potential flower.  The pattern was simple and straightforward, and it went together with reasonable ease – but ultimately it’s not a great flower as-is. Perhaps the center of a more complex flower?


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