Book Review: Big Stitch Knitting

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Not long ago I reviewed another knitting book, Knitting Vintage, and here’s another that I picked up.  I love the idea of big stitch knitting – even though I don’t actually knit… yet!

(Don’t even get me  started on how I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head…)

If any book were to inspire me to take up knitting (without actually having knitting instructions for utter beginners) it would be this book.  Author Becca Smith shows a number of projects (mostly rectangle-based things like shawls, pillow covers, throws, scarves, and bags) using multiple yarns to create lush, textured, wonderfully coloured projects.

Now, if the idea of just knitting has me hesitant – the idea of resting knitting needles the width of bananas and the length of my arm on my lap isn’t too terribly appealing either.  The thought of wrestling with six or seven balls of yarn at a time doesn’t sound too good either come to think of it.

Still – the texture!

The idea of finishing a project in a few hours is appealing as well.  Ah, if only I could knit….

Other than just wishing I could knit – I like to look at knitting books for inspiration for sewing projects.  So many ideas translate nicely when I have access to knitted yardage.  Unfortunately, with the knit itself (that nice big, chunky multi-yarn knit) being the highlight of these projects – it would be hard to convert the projects for sewing without finding big, chunky knitted yardage.   Beyond that, most of the projects are really super simple shapes; there isn’t really a lot here to be translated from knitting to sewing.

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