Knitting: I finally learnt how to knit!

I’m terribly proud of myself… I finally learnt how to knit partially from YouTube videos, and partially (ok, primarily!) from my mom.  She’s tried to teach me twice before and I just got frustrated and bored with it – largely because it took so long, but after looking at so many great patterns and books, not to mention gorgeous yarns – I finally succumbed and put some attention into it, and have already made a few pieces!

The turning point was very likely finding this fantastic yarn at (of all places) Wal-Mart.  It’s Fab Faux from Bernat– and I picked up two balls in shades of brown (initially thinking of making yarnfalls with them), four in black/grey, and one in purple (I would have picked up more of the purple but that was all they had…)

I also picked up another yarn to ask mum to knit me something for xmas/birthday – like the  lovely blanket she made me last year.

Because it’s so thick, it worked up really quickly – although mum mentioned more than once that because it’s so fuzzy and thick that it wasn’t likely the best yarn to learn with.  Still, working up quickly gave me the gratification I needed to keep at it. (Even though I didn’t have a pattern to follow and ended up getting almost done twice before undoing it and getting halfway before undoing it once … before I finally finished off a final version.)

My first hand-knitted project

My first project – a cowl!  In my garments -to- make postI mentioned the knitter on Etsy who I found very inspiring – the chunkiness of this was definitely something I wouldn’t have thought I’d like until I had seen these examples.

It’s not perfect, but I like it!


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