Sewing ideas and inspiration

While wandering online, I’ve found some great things that I’d love to make…

Cowl/Funnel neck sweater

From J’adore Vogue – I love the grey sleeveless sweater tunic/dress on the left.  I have something with this similar funnel/cowl neckline – and I find it so comfortable, comforting, and interesting to wear.  I actually found a number of items on a recent shopping trip with this general kind of neckline.  The only problem here will be finding the knitted yardage.  Nice knits that are this heavy are reallllly hard to find.  I actually have a few things that I would like to make, if I can ever find the right fabric! (Like another long cardigan!)  Perhaps this is on the “I just learned to knit and am feeling inspired” list too?

Rebublic top

With more clubwear in mind than comfort, I also loved this cool top from Republic.  While I wouldn’t make it a super-tight mini dress with a tube-top… (that would look stupid on my body!) I really like this almost bib-like front of the top.  It’s just the front, gathered up into a halter neckline.  Very cute.  I could see this working over a spaghetti strap dress instead perhaps – or even something with a halter neckline (though I usually stay away from them, just because of the bra issue!).

The Little Things in Life

While searching for images of a green velvet dress, I came across this image from The Little Things in Life.  Yes, I know it’s a jewelry hanger,  but it’s more just inspiration, rather than aspiration!  The idea behind it could make for a very cool cocktail/evening dress – or even something club-y.  I love finding cool stuff like this that makes me think about possibilities!

You would think that with all of this inspiration I could actually find some time to SEW.

But nope!

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