Knitting: My second knitting project

After my first knitting project I was on a roll, and with five balls (doubled up) of  Loop & Threads kaleidoscope yarn in Mousse from Michaels I made up this scarf/cowl.  It’s an acrylic/wool mix, so my initial hope was that I could felt it up just a little – however when I finished it off, I like how thick and spongy it is, and it’s dense enough with the yarn doubled up that I didn’t think I needed to.

Loops & Threads is Michael’s own ‘house brand’ yarn – but the price point seems to be similar to Bernat – though Michael’s doesn’t really have a big enough selection for me to really judge things equally.  I also didn’t really think of comparing amounts either while I was there… I was more looking for “do I like this” than anything else at this point.

so thick and cozy!

So this yarn transitions with ivory,  a light heather (speckled) grey, a light brown-grey, a caramel colour, a purple-brown, and a darker chocolate brown.  Normally browns don’t appeal to me, but I loved the purple in this, and they didn’t really have it in many ‘subtle’ colourways… all of the colourways they had were quite bold and bright with high-contrast… or super pale.  I can certainly wear this with some of my steampunk things though!  Since I used two balls at a time, in one stitch there are two colours, which I think is really interesting. In parts, there are stripes of just chocolate brown or just the light grey, (where both strands met with the same colour) but for the most part it is speckled.  I think it’s interesting… I did this only in a knit-stitch (not a knit and purl) mostly because as I was making this that’s the only stitch I knew, and I didn’t want to complicate my brain more than I had to to be able to do both knit and purl.  I actually really like the way this worked out though…

Using the two yarns together it made up pretty quickly – I think I finished it off in about three hours in total which is very gratifying for a newbie!  It also made it nice and dense – thick and cosy!  Mom mentioned that trying to do two yarns at once was probably a bit more difficult – but again… just like my first project, how could I possibly do anything the easy way?

I finished the cowl off with three massive huge buttons.  I would have preferred them in brown for this, but I only had black.  If I ever find (or make) huge buttons in brown instead… I’ll switch them out!

I picked up another ball of this yarn in a different colourway (I think it’s called Night Sky – but the yarn isn’t on the Micheal’s website at all for me to check…) which I’m doing single-strand with smaller needles – they only had one skein though, so we’ll see how it all turns out – if I can make anything at all from it (right now it’s just being worked up as a narrow scarf…) or if I’ll be felting it to see how it felts – and then possibly made up into a small purse.

The feeling of the yarn itself – well, it’s not as soft as I would like.  I wonder if it’s the itch-factor from the wool, or if the acrylic in it just isn’t very soft to begin with.  I think that as a scarf/cowl it’s great – but I don’t think I’d want anything that would be against bare skin made of this yarn.

So… what do you think?  Experienced knitters – be kind!

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