Book Review: Classic Millinery Techniques

Image from - click for original.

One of the books I picked up before attending the millinery class I’m taking was Classic Millinery Techniques by Ann Albrizio & Osnat Lustig.  The book seems to me to be a good, basic reference book with a little bit of inspiration thrown in, largely for making dressmaker’s hats rather than millinery-technique hats.

Most of the designs in the book feature either buckram (dry method) construction or completely sewn hats.  There is some reference to wet buckram hats, but very little about straws or felts.  There is a small section in the beginning of the book with inspirational images – showing some variations on the patterns and instructions provided, however most of them are fairly plain and simple.  I would say that they are very wearable, but not terribly creative or artistic.  However, a creative person can always use this as a jumping-off point, and I do appreciate seeing variations.

The book also includes a section on trimmings which is somewhat interesting – I have found that when it comes to trims, it’s less about how to work with what you find, and more to do with finding good-quality supplies to begin with, and although there is a source guide at the back of the book, it’s less useful than desirable.

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