Steampunk: Sources for gears

Gears (or cogs) are a pretty iconic element of Steampunk crafting, but finding gears is a bit hard.  There are the Tim Holtz sprocket gears (I think that Michael’s sells them for about $7 for a set of 12) and you can order sets from eBay or Etsy too. Apparently you can find them from hardware stores – but I haven’t ever seen them in any of my local hardware stores.

So, I was really excited to hit one of the Halloween costume/party stores that pop up seasonally and finding a “bag of gears” from Forum Novelties in the Steampunk costume section.

the 'bag of gears'

The ‘Steampunk costume section’ was less than half a shelf, and included some cheaply made spats, aviator hat, some plastic rings and a few other inexpensive things, but I picked up a hat (a little back sinamay facinator) and the bag of gears.  I really like the wide variety of gears in the bag – lots of sizes and materials. This was about $4.

Close up of the gears

The next source I wanted to share is again from Michael’s – there are 90 pieces in this package – a few different designs in a few different colours.

gears from Michael's Bead Landing line

Although right now I’m not working on any gear-needing projects, I ended up picking up 4 packages of these – just because they were on 40% + 25% off, and I figure that it’s better to have too many than too few if I start in on a project.

8 comments on “Steampunk: Sources for gears

  1. […] while back I posted about a source for gears for Steampunk crafting, and the other day I found more at Michaels.  They also have clock-hands, […]

  2. Hannah says:

    I have been looking for that last package you posted of gears from Michaels but I cannot find them anywhere. Have you seen them anywhere? Did you happen to keep the packaging? It would be a huge help if you had the UPC (bar code number on the back).

    • Dawn says:

      I do still have the package – I’ll try to hunt them down when I get home tonight!

    • Dawn says:

      Hey there,
      The Bead Landing Bezels, Frames, & Filigree UPC (the number below the bar code) is 4 00100 83941 6 and what I THINK is the model code – BFF CHRMS BAG GRS The numbers above the bar code are 181451 on the left, and 85821-2011-07 I haven’t seen them in a while, but I also haven’t looked for them recently. Good luck, hope you can find them!

  3. Ashley says:

    Today I found the Bead Landing “Bezels, Frames, and Filigree” set for $4 at Michaels in the bead section. It’s the 90 pc bag that has two separate sized bags with it (one smaller looking gears, the other larger ones). I just wanted to share the information. I live around Memphis, TN, and their store there has them. Hope this helps! You may be able to order them that way from that store?

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks Ashley! Hopefully Hannah has/can find them! I noticed the last time I was there that Michael’s has a lot of steampunk-friendly things in their bead section!

  4. ccscull says:

    I found the Bead Landing “Bezels, Frames, and Filigree” a couple of weeks ago at a Michael’s in Denver but when back for more and can’t seem to find them again. My guess is they sell out fast.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks for letting us know! I think you’re right… they come in and out really quickly. I’ve seen other packages of gears at other places, but usually way fewer gears for a much higher price… (mind you, it’s also nice to have unique items too…)

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