Book Review: Amy Butler’s In Stitches

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When looking for books I picked up a book on bags from Amy Butler, however there weren’t any patterns in there that I was really excited about.  (See my review of Style Stitches  for more information) However I also picked up another Amy Butler book In Stitches.

Like the previous book, this one has great photos and illustrations, use beautiful fabrics, and it uses the same project-friendly coil binding which makes it really easy to follow along with the directions. The patterns are printed full-size (hurrah, no more visits to the photocopy room!) on regular paper so they’ll stand up to repeated use.  (However I would likely trace them off instead).

Like the previous book, the directions seem really thourough; more so than I think I would use, but still really excellent for anyone who wants good instructions.  The projects themselves also really seem geared towards beginner sewers rather than those with more experience.  Projects like wide-leg lounge pants, sleep masks, and floor cushions aren’t really very challenging.   Covered boxes, decorated towels, aprons and laundry bags are equally beginner-level.  While I think this would be a very pretty book for someone who is just learning how to sew, more advanced sewers might get a little bored.

That being said, there is one project that I kind of liked in the book – the Patchwork Handbag with Zipper Charm.  Ok, I wouldn’t do it patchwork, and I wouldn’t make the zipper charm, but the overall shape of the bag is really modern and appealing. I don’t really love the construction however, so I might just use the idea to develop something of my own!

Photo of the page with the tote I kind of like...


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