Millinery class 5

Class #5

November 7, 2011 was the fifth Millinery class.

Yep… another scheduled post!

We were supposed to work on brims and straws, but we ran out of time and although we got a brief demo of straws, there was really only time for some show and tell and shopping through the instructor’s collection of feathers, flowers, straws, felts and trims and a chance for most of us (though not all of us) to block our brims.  Unfortunately, since I didn’t have a hair dryer for my brim, it was still damp when class was over so I left it to try in the storage room.  This means that despite another two week break between classes… I don’t have a brim to wire and move further along with for my hat.  However, I did pick up more materials, and can always do brims that don’t involve draped shaping.  The instructor didn’t show us attaching brims, but did talk about them, so hopefully I can do some of that from now until the next class in my “spare” time.  (Which doesn’t seem so spare between work, dr.s appointments, the other class I started last week… and all the rest.

So, for next class we’ll be working on the straws and satin roses – so I don’t know if I’m going to bring my whole kit to the next class because of that – there are just too many things – and since I rarely use most of it, I don’t much see the point.  The only things that she said we’ll specifically need are black and white thread. (For the straws I’ll just need a steamer and the head block.)

The other thing I specifically asked about was trimming my two “shoe” hats (I can’t think of what else to call them) and adding the sweatband to the red pillbox.  (Which I started and finished in class while she was showing off some of the things she brought for show and tell.)  Now I can add the decoration to that one and call it done…..  She also suggested self-binding the purple/purple ‘shoe’ hat, and a feather accent to the back, and agreed that on the purple velvet that veil fabric spilling out of the inside would be interesting. I think that I can have both of those done soon, I just need to get the combs for them as well…  So… although I can’t work on the draped brim, I certainly have a lot that I CAN do!

Yep.. another photo-less post.  I keep thinking about bringing my camera to class… but never do.  Plus if there was anything I really wanted to shoot, I could use my iPhone, but there really hasn’t been that much to shoot.

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