Book Review: Two from one jelly roll quilts

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I picked up a few books about Jelly Roll quilts recently – and a number of them are by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  I have recently started to want to work with the lovely combination of fabrics in Jelly Rolls – but thought that finding some patterns/designs especially meant for them would be ideal for making the best use of the fabric.

In this book the authors take one Jelly Roll, and make two quilts with it (with additional fabric of course).  Like the previous book I didn’t always care for their colour choices – I prefer more subdued colours rather than lots of brights, but there were more ideas in here that really worked for me for a possible Jelly Roll quilt.

Since they are using one roll to make two quilts – not all of the quilts are full-size, but all of the patterns can be adapted for larger quilts – even if it means you’ll need more than one jelly roll (or additional fabric for sashing/etc).

The quilt pattern that I really like from this book is called “Fairy Steps”… though I have a few other books to go through before I decide which pattern I want to use for the purples/pinks Jelly Roll I bought not too long ago!


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