(peanut butter) Jelly Roll

I keep getting tempted by the gorgeous jelly rolls of fabric at quilting stores – beautiful combinations of beautiful fabrics usually organized in coordinating colours or in a rainbow effect.  Lovely!

Of course, at $40+ each, I haven’t been TOO tempted – but then I was at a shop and found some for $15 each, so I picked up two.  Mind you, I only realized afterwards that it’s about half the size of the ones I normally see… making it somewhat less of a good deal than I had been thinking.  All the same, I think it’s time to try a jelly roll quilt! (Especially since I’m still living through reno-hell and can’t get at everything I need if I wanted to actually work on one of my other quilts in progress….)

So, first, as always, the inspiration…

1600+ Quilt

Nacho Mama's 1600+ Quilt

The 1600+ Quilt – Basically with this one you take all 40 strips (or in my case, 20+20) from a jelly roll and sew them end to end into one very, very long (doggie amusing I presume) strip with mitered edges.  Then you sew the long ends together to form a very random striped quilt.  Most of the examples of this seem a wee bit garish to me, but an example  on Nacho Mama’s Quilt caught my eye because of the use of a common fabric used between each fabric – creating a tiny little accent to each of the angled lines.  I really liked this, along with the darker colour palate of the jelly roll than some of the other quilts.  I also liked another example, where the jelly roll fabrics were combined with one additional accent fabric.

Concept “Sketch”

So – how about something like this?   In this case the lengths of the fabric strips couldn’t be as random – which I imagine would make for slightly less good use of fabric.  It reminds me a bit of the clasped weft technique from my weaving class back in college.

Concept for the 1600 Quilt

Baby Sails

Baby Sails from Thankfully Sew

Another jelly roll quilt pattern that I kind of liked was called Baby Sails – although without the sailing aspect! This has that same striped effect to a degree – instead the jelly roll is cut up into bricks, and pieced back together again – but then there’s a border fabric added as well with applique.

Obviously this isn’t nearly as simple – the bricks are all the same size, and they are pieced with an even stagger – but ultimately it’s all just rectangles which is a lot easier than some of the other patterns that have inspired me in the past!

Flower Power

Flower Power from Thankfully Sew

The same company also sells a pattern for Flower Power – which has a bit more complexity when it comes to the piecing, but still has the border print on it, this time appliqued with flowers.  The flowers don’t appeal to me specifically, but rather the idea of that stripe of something different breaking up the overall pattern of the quilt.  I also really like this pattern – though I think it’s more successful with the monochromatic – and my jelly rolls have more of a rainbow of colours.

The Caledonia Quilter has something similar – but without the border and even nicer still, a third example of the same pattern, but with a more united background fabric.

Concept Sketch

So, I did up this quick “sketch” – and definitely, while I still like the pattern (with the background fabric) I don’t love it with the variety of colours that I have from my roll – a more monochromatic colour scheme appeals to me a lot more for this kind of pattern.

Concept sketch

Avigon’s Picnic, altered and shown on the Crafter without a Cat blog also appeals to me, this one being not dissimilar from the Flower Power quilt in concept – but this time she’s added a common background fabric which ties things together really well too.

the California Roll - click for the original source and article.

Lyn Brown’s California Roll appeals to me as well… this one has super-fast and easy looking construction – but with a really quirky end result that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.  The more I look at  it, the more I like it.  I don’t really love the bright green, but it also seems to “work” for me for this design.. it really highlights that zig-zag.

The Sunrise Jelly Roll pattern on Hancock’s website really appealed to me too – but when I went back to it – the pattern was no longer available.  (Weird!)  Luckily I made a concept sketch of the quilt (below) before hand to see how some of my colours might look like with the design…  I chose a navy blue instead of black this time around.

Concept “Sketch”

So… some good ideas. Now it’s just a matter of digging my sewing machine out of the reno-mess and trying to put something together!

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