Buckram brim failure

Buckram Brim Failure…

Waiting for the buckram to dry on the bowl

Just an aside, I thought I’d share a ‘failure’….
I tried blocking a brim on a glass bowl.  I wasn’t sure of the shape, but I figured it was worth a try all the same.

Well, although I know I need to cover a wooden block with plastic wrap before adding buckram, I thought that was just to protect the block from water – turns out, it’s actually for a few other reasons – like getting the buckram OFF the block.

Note to self: Buckram glue sticks to glass. 

Good to know – but bad for my brim attempt!  Without any plastic wrap – the buckram stuck to the bowl and had to be peeled off, ripping the buckram into three pieces.  Then the bowl had to be soaked to remove all of the glue.


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