Red Spiderweb Tricorn Continued

The last post was getting really image-heavy, because I really wanted to document a lot of steps… sooo I’ve broken the post into two – here’s the second part of the tricorn as a work-in-progress!

  1. In my last post I had placed the crown on the brim, and from here I pinned (carefully) the crown to the brim using the tabs from the brim.

    Pinning the brim to the crown

  2. Next I used long stitches to attach the brim to the crown.  This was incredibly fussy, time-consuming, and hard work.  I can’t imagine doing this frequently.  My hands were so sore!

    Interior view with the brim stitched to the crown

  3. Next I wired my brim.  On one hand I thought I should wire it first, but I’m glad that I did it second.  I needed to roll the brim gently occasionally to attach the brim to the crown, and this would have been impossible if I had wired the brim before hand.

    Wiring the edge of the brim. The long basting stitches to mark the brim fold line are still visibile

  4. I used the same blanket/buttonhole stitch to attach the millinery wire to the very edge of the brim.

    Side view of the crown and brim stitched together (bad photo!)

  5. The above photo shows a profile view of the crown attached to the band, with the wired brim in the foreground.  I likely should have used red thread to wire the crown.

    Covering the crown with the spiderweb lace

  6. From there I covered the crown with the lace.  I simply cut out a large circle, pinned it in place, stitched it down with long stitches (going through the brim tabs at the same time when needed, since I couldn’t slip-stitch through the silk entirely.   From there I trimmed the lace.

    Shaping the rayon grosgrain ribbon with a steam iron

  7. Next it was time for the grosgrain ribbon for the hatband.  Since the crown is curved, I needed to curve the grosgrain as well.  I had picked up rayon grosgrain, so this was reasonably easy to shape with steam and heat.

    Using the pattern to cut the spiderweb lace. for the brim.

  8. Next, I used the brim pattern to cut out two brims from the lace.   The brim for the top of the had also had the centre cut out, including a seam allowance.  For the lower brim I didn’t cut out the internal circle.  For both brims I included the external seam allowance as well.
  9. In the next step I layered the lace over the top brim, and pinned the outside of the brim, basted the fabric next to the crown, and then basted the lace along the brim edge.
  10. So many steps.. and so many photos!  The next steps will be in the next post!

One comment on “Red Spiderweb Tricorn Continued

  1. intomind says:

    really pretty idea!

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