Millinery: blocking pins

So just a quick note here about blocking pins.  Our instructor has two varieties that she’s purchased.

Two types of blocking pins

The ones on the left are actually meant as blocking pins – they have the red cap and a short pin.  The ones on the right are aluminum push pins and are the silver push pins with the really long pin.

Although the red ones are sold as blocking pins, the instructor recommends the silver ones, just because the pins themselves are longer, and the ‘push’ part is easier to take out of a block.

I just wanted to do a quick post on this to remind myself, in case I’m ever looking for more pins!  In our class supplies we got the silver ones to work with.


One comment on “Millinery: blocking pins

  1. Dawn says:

    As a note, in the advanced class some students used the red ones – and found that the pins themselves bent far too easily on anything but the softest balsa blocks. The instructor also picked up some silver pins with finer and shorter points which worked much better in general than even the original silver ones – and these are from Staples!

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