Mirror, Mirror (another Snow White movie)

Ok, what’s the interest in Snow White?  Two movies due out in the same year?

Mirror, Mirror is schedueled to come out in March 2012 according to the Internet Movie Database, though I first heard about it through Movie Banter – who puts one against the other to predict which one will do better in theatres (their vote is for the more famil-friendly Mirror, Mirror, though visually the Snow White & The Huntsman looks better and more interesting…

But, the costumes of Mirror, Mirror still look really interesting.  I think that the cartoon-like colours and general look-and-feel of the movie might get it passed by as a ‘costume movie’, but there’s definitely some amazing costumes in this one… There also seems to be a lot more photos available so far too.

With that being said, a lot of the costumes seem somewhat cartoony too though, for instance one shot shows the Snow White character with huge fabric ‘wings’ and a swan’s neck and head on her head, and another she’s in a giant blue dress with a massive orange bow on her back.  In another shot the evil queen is wearing a red gown with embroidered peacock feathers on the bodice, embroidered peacock feathers on the sleeves, and then a collar of white bleached peacock feathers.  Do you get it… she’s vain! …. Yeah, a little on the nose.  In her ‘wedding’ (?) gown, it’s nothing but various sizes of white feathers… and HUGE…

Photo from On The Red Carpet. Click for original. Sorry if the link breaks!

The one item I do kind of like though is a giant, huge yellow cloak with a huge yellow hood that Snow White wears – though yellow is a bit much, and again, a bit cartoon-y.

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