Book Review: The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts

Photo of the cover

Another book I picked up (from my library- a great way of trying a variety of books before spending money on ones to add to my library) on my seemingly never-ending search for some instruction on how to make ribbon cockades for millinery is The Complete Photo Guide to Ribbon Crafts by Elaine Schmidt.  Unfortunately the link on Amazon won’t let me grab the cover image for you!  However, as luck has it, Google Books has a little bit of the beginning (all on bow tying I’m afraid though!) for free, so click the link to take a look inside!

Since I was specifically looking for books on ribbon cockades and flowers for millinery, I really thought that this book might be a bit TOO simple.  After all, who needs a book to know how to tie a bow, right?  However, unlike the other books I picked up, this one actually does have a few (albeit very simple 😦 ) cockades along with over a hundred other projects (some valuable, some much less so).

To start off, the book includes sections on:

  • The basics – different types of ribbons, working with ribbon, end finishes, etc.  (yeah, Yawn.)
  • Making bows
  • Ribbon flowers
  • Ribbon embroidery
  • Ribbon tassels, trims and rosettes
  • Ribbon weaving, patchwork and knitting
  • Sew and no-sew techniques
  • Ribbon accessories (taking all your ribbon bits and putting them in your hair, etc)
  • Crafting with ribbon (wasn’t that what we were doing with the other projects?)

The sections I liked the best were the individual-petal flowers (in particular a beautiful orange wired-ribbon day lily) and the cockade like ‘rosettes’ – namely the ribbon wheel rosette, petal rosette, and star-point rosette.  I actually started on one of the simple ribbon-wheel rosettes a while back, but with all of the renovation shuffle, haven’t been able to finish it yet! Boo!

Ok.. so here’s my plea to the readers of this blog… where should I look next for information on making beautiful ribbon cockades?  Help!

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