Tea Crafty

For Xmas this year I gave away little tins of tea to my friends as gifts.  The teas I love the most and wanted to share with them, the teas that I didn’t love, but thought they would based on their preferences, etc…

I thought I’d share a quick photo now that that the holidays are over (no surprise spoiling!) of what I did…

I started with these small (2.5″ approx) tins with clear lids.  Now, usually you wouldn’t actually want clear lids for tea, because sunlight can have a negative effect, however with small sample sizes I think it’s ok.  Hopefully they’ll be enjoyed quickly! Plus, with the clear lids, you can see how pretty some of the teas are!

Green tea from Teaopia

I filled these with a selection of teas.  One friend really likes green teas, so the ones I gave her were mostly greens and oolongs…  another friend prefers rooibos and herbals so I stuck with mostly herbals and gently flavoured blacks and whites for her.  I love getting these little sample-sizes because it’s a fun way to try different teas that you might not otherwise buy… and it’s not a big deal if you don’t like something when it’s only a few cups worth.

I then found beautiful clip art frames on The Graphics Fairy, and selected a few that I really liked.  They have a vintage feel, and although they don’t print out totally crisp and clear, I’m cool with that to continue that ‘vintage’ look and feel.  I selected:

With each of these I brought the graphics into Photoshop and reshaped and resized them to fit the bottoms of each of the tins.  I had toyed with the idea of taking photos of each of the teas, and printing them out in colour, superimposing the tea names on top of the photos, and then covering the clear lids with the photo-labels, but once I found the vintage-feeling frames from the Graphics Fairy… I thought this would make a much nicer method.

Some of the teas I selected were:

  • Dragonwell – a well-known Chinese green tea
  • Secret Weapon – a white tea that’s toted as an immune-booster
  • The Skinny – an oolong that aids digestion
  • Pumpkin Chai – a different spin on a black-tea favorite
  • Vanilla Oolong – warm and soothing
  • Chai – black tea with spices
  • 6 Treasures – a sweet white tea
  • All the Purple People – a relaxing calm herbal blend
  • Get up and Go – an energizing herbal blend
  • Pomegranate Green Tea – Green tea with cranberry and pomegranate flowers

I then added in the names of each of the teas, and indicated if it was a White, Black, Green, Rooibos, or Herbal Tea.  I didn’t want to put much more information on the labels, just because it would get too crowded, and I don’t think any of my friends who I would be giving these to have food allergies that I need to alert them of.  Plus, when there are known allergens like almonds or things like that, with these loose-leaf teas, they are usually very large and noticeable.

From there I printed out the labels in black and white, and used double-sided tape to secure the label to the tin.  I thought about printing them on sticky label paper – but that would require another trip to the stationary store, and I doubt they’d have anything like 2.25″ pre-cut circles!  Plus, the double-sided tape should be easier to remove if they want to re-use the tins for something else.

The ones in the front have been 'painted' with the tea, the ones in the back are awaiting their 'paint'.

Then I steeped up a seriously strong mini-cup of plain old Orange Pekoe, and used a small paintbrush to ‘tea-dye’ the labels a softer, somewhat mottled shade of off-white, blotting excess with a tissue, and leaving them to dry.

Tins wrapped up and ready to wrap

From there, I wrapped them on up, made up the gift tags, and eventually gave them out to my friends!  I would have done a nicer job of wrapping and tags if I wasn’t still in the depths of reno-hell… it’s such a pain in the butt to know I have all of these beautiful papers and ribbons and stickers and things….. and not be able to access any of them because of these renovations.  I might add, this is JUST like last year when we were in reno-hell part one, and nothing could be found or accessed either.  Here’s hoping it will all be over soon!

If you got something like this – do you think it would make a nice, little gift?  Would you have wanted an ingredient listing (or even just the place where the tea comes from in case you loved it and wanted more?)?  Let me know in the comments below!  (And click the links above to see some of the teas!)

meal in a jar gifts too!

I also had a fun little get together with some friends before the holidays to make a few different “meals in a jar” – we made a whole host of things for next to no money, including the spiral soup mix, cinnamon pancake mix and peppermint hot chocolate mix pictured here!  It made for a really fun get together, and helped us create a bunch of really cute gifts, for very little money.  I even made cute little labels!  I had really ambitious plans for decorating the jars mind you, which didn’t really come through because with all the frivolity, we kind of ran out of time (and energy!).

P.s. I’m going to submit my blog post to the Graphics Fairy Brag Mondays – wish me luck!

8 comments on “Tea Crafty

  1. Dawn says:

    Reblogged this on Happy Sushi Belly and commented:

    This post really does belong on both of my blogs… Dawn’s Dress Diary, and Happy Sushi Belly!

  2. jennyelaine says:

    Love your site!! Very vintage….I invite you to please visit mine at http://www.befreckledallover.blogspot.com I have paintings I’ve done of young women in vintage finery….I recently did a painting of a young woman in a few different outfits. I also enjoy doing vintage inspired collages…my blog header I did last year.

    My other site is my intricate drawings and paintings of lace and tapestry for photos…

    I look forward to looking through more of your site…take care!

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks! My personal style seems to jump back and forth between vintage and modern, so I definitely blog about both… 🙂

  3. quirky says:

    These are lovely! What a great gift idea – they would be nice partnered with a cup and saucer. I love the labels and the tea-dyed effect 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      I agree.. a really pretty cup and saucer would have been great with these! Instead I just popped in a few sticks of sweetener and a pretty charm on the outside packaging. One of those spoon-strainers would have been cool too, or better still a tuffy-style strainer (my current favorite for just-one-cup). Maybe next time… (naw..I have so many other ideas, I’m unlikely to repeat anything.. haha)

  4. Pat says:

    Really love the tea tins! Just perfect!

  5. […] Last year we made cute little jars of food – you know, those ‘just add the liquids’ jars for things like bean soups, pancakes, etc. Super cute, useable (rather than more trinkets or space-fillers), and really affordable to make – especially when a bunch of people all get together to share the costs. It also was a fair amount of fun to hang out with some friends making up the jars and sharing ideas. meal in a jar gifts! […]

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