Book Review: Hats in Vogue since 1910

Finished hat on my Styrofoam head (keep in mind the head is smaller than my own..)

In preparation for the Millinery class I took, I started looking at a number of books on hats.  While my main interest was on hat-making rather than just beautiful books on hats themselves, a little inspiration never hurts!

One of the books I picked up was Hats in Vogue since 1910 – written by Christina Probert.  It was published in 1981, and the age is showing in the publication – the most “modern” hats in the book are distinctly 1980’s – and having lived through the 80’s (however young I was), I find the level of taste of 80’s fashions really questionable.

The majority of the images are taken from the pages of Vogue magazine, so this book is as much about hats as it is about what Vogue found fashionable and interesting at the times when the images were published.  A number of the images are paintings with little detail  – more just an impression of the hat rather than something to really learn from.  Some are very nice illustrations – much more useful.  The majority of the images are photographs though, and in many cases the photographs are editorialized – so a hat becomes just an element in the fashion story rather than the story itself.  This makes for a nice photo, but not the most useful photograph.

Ultimately, I took this book back – it just didn’t give me what I was looking for.

Oh… and I couldn’t find a photo of the cover anywhere online… so instead you get a photo of one of my hats from the millinery class!


(Along with an apology I’ve been such a bad blogger lately….  between vacation, a still-chaos-ridden sewing space, and a crazy-work-and-social-life, I haven’t been able to make DDD a priority!)

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