Book Review: Jelly Roll Quilts

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In my ongoing search to find a cool pattern to effectively use my recently purchased Jelly Rolls, I picked up a few books, all by Pam and Nicky Lintott.  This book, which I believe is their first on the topic, is a great book illustrating different quilt patterns using these cool, pre-cut and selected fabric assortments.

There are a number of different quilt patterns included, and they give the dimensions for the quilts they demonstrate – so if you want to make one larger you can estimate how much more fabric you’ll need, or alternately, how much you might have left over if you plan on making one that is smaller.  Although I don’t always care for their colour choices (too bright, or too much contrast for my personal taste), they also have illustrations showing the quilt pattern.  I find these somewhat easier to look at, evaluate the pattern, and see if it’s something that I might want to do.

I also like the addition of the variation quilts.  I can imagine that for the designers, making two quilts that are the same except for a colour variation might become kind of boring, but I think this is a great idea for those of us who can’t really connect with a pattern if the colourway is distracting or doesn’t appeal to our sense of colour harmony.

At the back of the book they include a small quilted tote (use up all of those leftover pieces!) as well as a short section on quilting terms and techniques.

There are a few patterns in here that I really like – first the “bars of gold” -which I’ve known previously as Chinese Coins. It looks pretty simple, but I imagine doing it so the colours blend from one to the other just like they are displayed in the Jelly Roll.  There is also a pattern for a Lone Star quilt – I’ve been wanting to tackle a Lone Star quilt for a while, and have another book full of ideas, but perhaps a Jelly Roll is a good place to start?

Ah.. now if only I had a workable sewing room and the time to sew!


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