The need to de-stash

Pattern by Jay D

In the continuing saga of our home renovations and interior redecorating, my sewing, crafting, and costuming space was next to be viewed with a critical eye.   The changes that were proposed were indented to serve the same needs for storage as existing solutions, but with a more united look.  However, there isn’t nearly as much space anymore… and I can certainly take the chance to weed through things anyways as I put it all back!

So, for opinions wanted!  Should I try to de-stash on Etsy or Ebay or one of those sorts of ways? (Selling the stash extras for a bit of extra cash.) Garage sale in the summer?  Or should I just give it away to crafty friends or save it for the “church sale” (where they sell off craft stuff and fabrics with money raised going to the grandmothers raising their grandchildren left orphaned due to HIV/AIDS )?  Freecycle? For the clothing, does anyone have suggestions for consignment stores?

So far I have:

  • A number of silk, leather, and velvet/velveteen garments – I originally kept them to re-source the fabric, but with the storage-space reduction, I just don’t have the space for all of it…  All of it is in great shape, mostly sizes 2-8, some near-new styles, some vintage styles. Most of it is evening/semi-formal/etc…
  • Notions like zippers, buttons, etc. – mostly off colours that I’ll never use in clothing like orange, yellow, hot pink, etc.
  • Quilt batting (the fuzzy polyester type, not the flat cotton type)
  • SCA encampment stuff like tablecloths (to hide coolers), platters, tent decoration, etc..
  • Art supplies like paints and things (mostly watercolour, almost all of it used…)
  • Patterns – mostly separates in sizes 10-16
  • Loads of random craft things like ribbon flowers, home dec accessories, wacky Japanese things from Daiso in Vancouver, etc..


(Please respond in the comments section, rather than on Facebook or Twitter…)

3 comments on “The need to de-stash

  1. Cindy Clevenger says:

    Some granges do charity quilting and they would love the donation of anything that could be used for quilts. Some senior centers have craft days and would love the donation of useful craft/art supplies I am sure if you inquire or convalescent homes even. If you have the time you can try e-bay or Craigs list or even here if you have items up for sale if allowed? Good luck and happy remodeling.

  2. Chrissie says:

    just had the same problem
    gave it all to charity in the end as what you sell it for you have to declare before you can contribute to charity so biassed all that and gave them the goods and the books and the fabric and the notions etc

  3. […] year, I did take a bunch of my OWN de-stashed fabrics to the sale… though doubtfully enough to make room for these new […]

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