Book Review: The Splendor of Ribbon

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While looking for ribbon working books, there were also a bunch of books I didn’t find as useful for what I was looking for, such as The Splendor of Ribbon published by Ofray (a ribbon manufacturer) written by Ellie Schneider.  The book starts out with a bit of history about ribbons, and then goes into general techniques.  While the techniques are illustrated –  the illustrations and instructions don’t really help one another, and are somewhat confusing.  I’m sure that some trial-and-error could be used to work out what the instructions are getting at – but there are other books out there that are far less confusing.

There are a number of projects in the book, ranging from tiny pillows to lampshades to decorative mini topiary trees.  There is also a section on gift wrapping and a bridal section with a number of projects.  Each of the projects refers back to the general techniques however, which makes the possibility of recreating the projects more difficult.

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend this book (certainly not sight-unseen).  Maybe check it out in-store first, or see if your local public library has it before making it an addition to your personal craft library.

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