Grandmother’s fabric sale

Last year I talked about the fabric sale where the proceeds  go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign.  This year on April 14 I went again.

This time around I didn’t pick up nearly as much as last year… but I still picked up some lovely things – for next to nothing!  If I wasn’t so specific about what I like, and love to shop for fabric WAY more frequently than once a year…. it would be financially AMAZING to make this sale my one-stop-shop…  Oh..the fact that I can only see about half of what they have because it is so insanely swampped with people in there might also be a bit of a disadvantage…

(This year I didn’t even make it into the yarn area or the quilting area or the crafts area because it was so packed – and because I was dedicated to keep my purchases under 2 bags…)

April 14 "haul" from the charity fabric sale

This year, my ‘haul’ came to the whopping total of $14.50 and I picked up (from bottom up in the photo):

  • 4 m of super-soft thin navy blue wool coating
  • 3m of striped silvery-blue cotton velvet (which SHOULD match/coordinate with another piece of velvet that I already have)
  • 3m of Wedgwood-blue silk noil
  • 4m of taupe embroidered cotton (which I will test first, and then likely dye darker)
  • 3m of silver fabric striped with dark grey and white. I THINK this is silk, but I need to test it.
  • 3m of semi-sheer rose blouse-weight polyester. I picked this one up and put it down three times – and finally grabbed it because it was all of 2$ and how could I deny it? Haha
  • 6+/-m of bridal elastic loop trim.
There was also a piece of black, white and grey chunky weave/knit that jumped out at me when I first arrived… but minutes later when I went to claim it – it was gone! That will teach me!

Yep, this time around, unlike last year I mostly kept to my regular colour scheme.  Oh, and I’ve hardly used anything that I bought last year.  *sighs*  (What I did use was for decorations much more than for sewing….. )

This year, I did take a bunch of my OWN de-stashed fabrics to the sale… though doubtfully enough to make room for these new purchases!

If you’re in Calgary – did you get to the sale?  Do you know of others like this one that happen around town?  If you’re not from Calgary – are there similar sales in your area – super low prices for a good cause?  Let me know in the comments below!

3 comments on “Grandmother’s fabric sale

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  2. Holly says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Can you give us a heads up when the next fabric sale comes up. I would love to go? Which church is it at?

    • Dawn says:

      HI there Holly,
      I’ll sure try to post a heads-up! I checked out their website – and it looks like the next sale drop-off days will be April 23-26, 2014 – if you have any of your own stash you want to donate (more information will be on their site closer to the date I presume). I imagine this means that the sale itself will be on April 26th, 2014. I’ll make a note of it to try to get some updated information closer to the date and blog about it!
      I don’t think that the church is directly involved – I’m not really sure. For the few years I’ve gone, it’s always been at the same one, but I’d check first just to be sure. It has been at the Woodcliffe United Church, 5010 Spruce Drive S.W.
      I’ve heard that the next weekend they do the sale in another town (Lethbridge? Red Deer? I forget) as well, with more items added from that local community… so perhaps you and your sewing friends can put together a road trip too!

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