Millinery: Butterfly top hat

A very long time ago when I was working on some other dressmaker  hats (rather than millinery hats) I made up this adorable burgundy brocade butterfly mini-top hat.  Honestly, I have NEVER worn it, which is why I never bothered to photograph it until now (when I was photographing some of my other creations…)

Butterfly top hat

This hat is lined in gold dupioni silk, and has an elastic strap across the opening (where a tiny person’s head would go…) to support either a clip or a comb.  It’s a different style of attachment than I’ve tried before, and at least on my model, seems to work well! A headband might also work – haven’t tried that yet.

The back is topped off with burgundy and black netting for a veil along with a black satin ribbon bow with tails.  The brim is wired and curved, bound with double (machine) stitched folded grosgrain ribbon.  The interior structure is made from the gridded ‘cloth’ used for rug hooking – not cardboard – so it can get wet… (The cardboard supported ones will just melt into mush if you get them too wet.. LOL)

I actually have a matching corset in this burgundy fabric too – perhaps the next time I’m at a sale (which hasn’t been for years) I’ll try to sell this one. Unless of course in the meantime I find a place and time to wear it…. Hmmmm 🙂


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