Airships in music videos

I’ve shown off a few other videos in the past with a steampunk theme, but I thought I’d share some others that I don’t know if I’d call ‘steampunk’,  but have some of the iconography – specifically this time around – airships!
(please note – I’m linking directly to YouTube videos… so if the owners take them off YouTube – the links will break. I’ve included the artist and title so you can search for them in the future should that happen…. )

Before looking at anything else – Grace by Apocalyptica. Demonic cellos might not be very steamy, but the airship is, along with all those beautiful claymation gears. Oh, alright they are top of my list because they are one of my favorite bands!

First up for the rest of the list… Of Monsters and Men’s Little Talks – a graphically really interesting-looking video, with airships, sea monsters and magick. They are an indie/folk pop band from Iceland, and I’ll admit I only heard of them recently, due in part to a person I follow on Twitter!

Next, Nightwish‘s The Islander – a gorgeous video that starts off with a very viking-inspired airship, wirllygigs, towers, sea captains and  gorgeous vocals.  Nightwish is a symphonic metal group from Finland – and one of Finland’s best-selling musical groups.  I’d definitely put them in my top 10 favorite bands 🙂

Third, Eye of the storm from Lovett.  I showed this one off before in a previous post, but why not include it here too!?

Fourth, I have Alkaline Trio’s Help Me.  I posted this one before too – but again, there’s an airship in this one too – albeit at the very end, and it’s very CGI-looking (versus some of the more realistic depictions in other videos.  Still… this one has Kat Von D in it, which means I know at least one person who will turn the sound down and watch.

Fifth – Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight. This airship is really cartoon-y looking, (the whole video is pure camp!) but it’s a good song, so I’m including it as well!

Sixth – Blümchen – Ich bin wieder hier

Number 7 – Set Prometheus Aflame by Steampunk Soul’d (they’re in there.. I promise!)

Eight! Megadeath – Never walk alone

Finally, can’t hardly talk about airships and steampunk influences in music videos without giving a shout out to Abney Park‘s Airship Pirate.  No airships in this one, but still an awesome song (and my favorite by far off that album!

So, what other videos should I check out (musical style not important…) Leave your suggestions in the comments below! (With links, if you have them!) What other Steampunk iconography? (No, I’m not gonna look for goggles – too prolific!)


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