Steampunk Makers in music videos

So, while looking for steampunk-influences in my airships in music videos post, I came across a few videos that I thought deserved some steamy notice – but focused a bit more on the makers – the tinkerers, or the inventors… It’s not my area of interest personally (if I can’t craft it out of fiber I’m rather lost!) but since I know some of my readers are here more for the steam than just for the fashion, I thought it would be worth a good share nonetheless.  For the costumers out there – don’t worry, I have a post about steampunk  fashion in videos coming too!

(please note – I’m linking directly to YouTube videos… so if the owners take them off YouTube – the links will break. I’ve included the artist and title so you can search for them in the future should that happen…. )

First up, and in definite order based on how much I like the music… (well, at least for the first one!) I’ve got The Rasmus’ lead singer Lauri Ylonen’s solo project, and the video for Heavy.  In this he’s sort of a not-very-nice maker/mad scientist type…  since I don’t fancy myself a maker, I can’t really say that the video is necessarily inspirational – but still fun! Plus. Lauri! Finnish! Strange puppet!

If you like the puppet, it is also featured in the video for In the City.  (Another solo project single.)
It’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m also going to include Nine Inch Nails’ Closer in this category as well – the setting is a mix between mad scientist and steampunk maker’s lab I figure.

(n.b. this is the director’s cut apparently, and might include language or visuals unsuitable for people who really should be in bed by now…)
For the robotic squid, fish, and pterodactyls I’ll add in Depeche Mode’s Precious.

Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out – um.. cus there’s lots of gear stuff. (feh, I don’t really like it, but someone recommended it… so I’m including it!)

Lastly, beacuse I think this video is best watched with the sound turned off (personal preference only of course!) I have a music video by David Guetta performing Turn Me On featuring Nicki Minaj. (Yah, I don’t care for anything I’ve heard from David Guetta or Nicki Minaj, (I just can’t handle a songwriter that thinks that “I-I-I-I” is a legit lyrical line…) but that doesn’t mean the video isn’t cool! Musical taste varies greatly, and these days if it doesn’t come from Finland or Sweden or Germany it appears I’m much less interested.. haha)

So… do you have any other music videos in your playlist that feature awesome maker-inspiration with a steampunk theme?


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