Millinery: Vintage hat

While I was taking photos of some of my own creations, I also wanted to take a photo of one of my favorite vintage hats – something my father found for me years and years ago.  He knew how much I loved hats, and brought me several over the years (generally all well-taken care of and in great shape!)

Vintage black velvet Juliet hat

This one is a black velvet Juliet cap – there are no clips or combs to hold it on – just the shape of the buckram and wire under the velvet.  However, I did find an indentation in the velvet left from a bobby-pin, so perhaps the previous owner wore it out and about in more windy weather than I do!

This hat has a wired zig-zag of tube velvet accented with pearl studs (they’re flat-bottomed, not round beads) and super-large hole netting. The netting is really old so it’s super soft too, not scratchy at all.

I have a buckram base that I made during my millinery classes to try to replicate something like this… one of these days!  It’s wired and ready to go – now just to select the material (I’m definitely thinking velvet, but then what colour…?) and find the time to actually work on it!

Since I have a black one  – what colour do you think I should consider?  I have red, several shades of blue, green, bronze/copper, and possibly a few others in my ‘stash’.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!


One comment on “Millinery: Vintage hat

  1. Cindy Clevenger says:

    Any of the colors in your stash would be lovely. I think I would love to see it in red first choice then second choice would be Bronze/Coppery color if you are thinking steampunk-ish.

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