Steampunk fashion in music videos (1)

So I’ve talked recently about a few steampunk elements in popular music videos (not specifically steampunk music) and of course what ~I~ am really looking for is the fashion! For this post I’ll be considering anything that has a steampunk or neo-Victorian element to the fashion, not really paying attention to the music itself. Of course, for some of the artists, steampunk/neo-Victorian is just part of their stage persona in general, so although I might only post one video, I’d definitely suggest checking the artist/band out separately as well to see more if you’re looking for inspiration.

(please note – I’m linking directly to YouTube videos… so if the owners take them off YouTube – the links will break. I’ve included the artist and title so you can search for them in the future should that happen…. )

Steampunk music + fashion

These are the artists where I would really recommend checking out other videos or photos for fashion inspiration.
First up – Abney Park’s My Life

Dr. Steel’s Back and Forth (cool costumes on some of the extras/fans)

Rasputina’s The Olde Headboard

Ghostfire’s The Last Steampunk Waltz (if you look hard you can see some fashion here…)

Fighting Trousers by Professor Elemental (obviously not for the performer but rather for the extras)…

A bit of a stretch perhaps since it’s all illustration and all in silhouette, but I wanted to include Set Prometheus Aflame by Steampunk Soul’d

Coppelius – I get used to it

Noteably absent from this list (because I couldn’t find official (filmed) videos (rather than tributes, slideshows, or live recordings) with fashion…and my goal with this was to show depictions of steampunk in either mainstream or commercial videos… rather than a love-letter to steampunk music) (If you know of some links, please add them in the comments!)
The Clockwork Quartet
Vernian Process
Emily Autumn
Unextraordinary Gentlemen
Jon Magnificent

Pop & Rock/metal + steampunk fashion

I had so many entries for these two categories as I was making up this post, that I had to divide it up! Stay tuned for future posts…

but… finally

Although the fashion is minimal at best (feh, and all menswear as well) I’ll close with Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)


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