Steampunk fashion in music videos (3)

In a previous post I looked at the fashion in steampunk and pop music videos, this time around I’m looking at rock and metal music. I originally intended to have all of them together, but the list just got so long, and download times would be insane… so – breaking it up!

(please note – I’m linking directly to YouTube videos… so if the owners take them off YouTube – the links will break. I’ve included the artist and title so you can search for them in the future should that happen…. )

Rock/metal music + steampunk fashion

Music I love (generally, but not always) where steampunk fashion has been used for the visuals.
First up – my beloved Apocalyptica and the video for Hope version 2 (with vocals). I’ll admit, this might be KIND of cheating… the reason I’m putting this in is because of the clips from a movie (Vidocq) which are included in the official video…it’s a stretch, I’ll admit, but since they’re one of my very-most-favorite bands, and this is the official video for the song, I’ll allow it. *S*

I love the dark mood and feel of Nine Inch Nails’ The Perfect Drug -plus, gorgeous costumes in a vaguely Victorian feel…

Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight. I’d say the fashion is more “Victorian” than neo-Victorian, but still interesting to look at for the fashion – plus a good song too.

Like the Smashing Pumpkins video, the next video has more “Victorian” rather than neo-Victorian fashion, but someone sent me the link so I wanted to include this here as well. This is Helpless Corpse by Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. I’ll admit, that until someone sent me this link I had never heard of this group before. The middle part of the video is completely different than the first or third parts too – so consider this submission only for those first and third parts!

Ok.. so, what am I missing? Fill me in in the comments below! This entry is far shorter than the others, and that must be remedied!


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