Millinery: scrap sinamay facinator

In the Advanced millinery class, one of the projects I started (but didn’t finish in class) I named the ‘Scrap sinamay facinator’ – because I made it almost entirely out of materials that the instructor gave us to fuss with – scraps leftover from another project of hers (or of her collegues’ – I forget).

From my initial post from class:

This facinator came out of a piece of scrap sinamay our instructor was letting us play with. It was just BARELY enough to cover the facinator block! I didn’t need to trim off any excess – there wasn’t any – and from there I wired the edge (very carefully!) and then bound the sinamay with black bias trim. This was done with only one layer of sinamay. From here I’ll mostly just need to add elastic trim for the comb I’ll use to wear the facinator, and decorate the hat – I will likely use the two petals I made with the matching sinamay and the red twirly thing. I’ll need something to cover the end too….

Sewing the loop elastic into the ‘scrap’ sinamay facinator

I got a lot done on this hat (although some of it was done in class, but the wiring and binding was actually done while waiting for my ride after class (since the class was let out half an hour early, and my ride couldn’t pick me up until an hour after the class was supposed to be done…) and so when I did get it home there wasn’t too much more to do. As anticipated, I added the elastic loop trim (bridal loop elastic) which holds the small comb, and then used the two matching sinamay ‘petals’ that we made in class along with the red twirly sinamay thing.

The comb inside of the facinator


‘Scrap’ sinamay hat – almost done…

To cover the end of the addition I found this insanely beautiful vintage button from my button collection. It’s likely a 1940s/’50s coat button made of gorgeous tone-on-tone black fabric, with a single rhinestone (in a claw) in the center. I have so many buttons just waiting to be used, and singles like this work perfectly for crafty projects… I can rarely bear to break up a set of 5, 6, or 8 to steal a single.

Black, white, and red finished facinator

After all of the hand-work I had done on this hat, it felt very strange to get out the glue gun, but with the weight of the button, I just knew that it wouldn’t sit correctly on the hat with just stitching alone.  So, it’s attached with hot-glue… (how tragic for the life of this beautiful button!)

Black, white, and red finished facinator

So, what do you think of my little sinamay facinator? It’s a little more funky than the previous one I posted – where could you imagine wearing something like this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

2 comments on “Millinery: scrap sinamay facinator

  1. Cindy Clevenger says:

    I love your facinator! A Wedding, a concert, anywhere you want! It is very classy!

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