Millinery: Looking for netting

When I was taking the millinery class not too long ago, our instructor had a purchased hat to show off with soft netting – very much like tulle, but without all of the stiffness.  She said that she had been having a hard timing finding anything like it, but when I was in Vancouver in May, I think I found it!

Mesh from Dressew

It’s just netting/mesh – but it drapes very nicely.

Mesh from Dressew

I only looked at it in blue, (since I don’t need any myself, and I was budgeting my packing space very discreetly) but Dressew has loads of different colourways. So… if you’re looking for soft netting for hat veils, check out Dressew next time you’re in Vancouver!

Mesh from Dressew

337 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
(604) 682-6196


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