Cute sushi apron

I was going through some of my old photos, and realized that I never posted this cute sushi apron I made for my BFF’s birthday back in December 2010. Since my blog is sadly low on things I’ve made myself and more on inspiration too often, I wanted to load this on up!  I was going for the effect of one of those adorable hostess aprons – just in an unexpected fabric. We both LOVE sushi, so I thought this would be cute when I found this print (and bought WAY too much yardage!).

Front of the apron

I didn’t have a pattern for this, just estimated the shape, cut it, added a super-wide black waistband so it would make a huge fluffy bow in the back, and gathered up some folded black fabric with my (then new) gathering foot to trim the hem. The sides are trimmed with (purchased) black extra-wide-double-fold bias tape.

Back of the apron. Yes, when my dress form isn’t modeling velvet dresses, she wears a fishnet dress….

Cute, right?


4 comments on “Cute sushi apron

  1. Cindy Clevenger says:

    Very Cute. The front almost looks like an Obi wrap waist. Lovely, fun and I am sure she loved it. Who does not love Sushi?

  2. Ernie Baty says:

    Do you sell these, and if so, how much?

    • Dawn says:

      No, I don’t sell them – just a labour of love! There is a local woman who makes super-cute retro aprons with funky fabric like this though – but I can’t remeber her name – I’m sure it’s as easy as a google search – or pop onto Etsy 🙂

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