Tori’s style silver necklace

A while back I noticed that Michael’s craft stores were selling a new line of jewelry parts – this line ‘designed’ by soap/reality actress Tori Spelling. Nope, I’m not a fan of her in any way – but two of the pieces did jump out at me as being interesting enough to grab – and when a few weeks later I had a coupon to get them cheaper (they are kind of expensive compared to the other jewlry items..) I grabbed them.

Tori’s style silver necklace

The first up is a bib-necklace bottom with silver beads and chain, while the second is a series of hematite beads on a chain. I was feeling crafty the other day, and thought I would make up one of the necklaces.

Since I’m allergic to metal touching my skin, I generally limit the amount of metal in my jewelry – so wanted to either use leather cord or ribbon for the necklace, and settled with some really pretty black sheer ribbon for the silver necklace. (The ribbon was leftover from another project, and I’m not sure where I got it.  The clasp and ribbon claws are also from Michael’s.)

Tori’s style silver necklace

1. I looped the ribbon through the necklace ends, and finished them with a ribbon claw. This basically pinches the ends of the ribbon together and provides a place to attach the clasp. I rolled the ribbon under the claw though to give it a little extra grip, and dropped a tiny drop of clear glue into the claw as well for extra security.
2. From there I attached a toggle clasp to either end of the necklace with a split ring (rather than a jump ring, just for extra security). It was only later that I added an additional ring at the bar end of the toggle clasp to make the necklace easier to do up.
3. Then I took a length of ribbon and wound it loosely, with a few twists to make it stand out, around the top chain of the necklace. This was mostly to tie the black of the ribbon back into the rest of the necklace. I attached it at the ends with knots that kind of hide under the ribbon (though I’m not so concerned with that) and a drop of glue in the knots.

I think the result is pretty good – now just to wear it!
If you would like to make one of your own, the necklace bottom is style “TSP-33 Bib style silver”  if you are looking for it online or in store.

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