Red Heart Sashay ruffle scarf

Since learning how to knit not too long ago, I keep checking out the yarn sections of craft and department stores.  A while ago I saw a great sample in Michael’s craft store, and since the instructions were included on the back of the label, I picked up a ball of the yarn and  thought I’d make up a ruffled scarf like the sample in the store.

Although the instructions suggest using 5.5mm / size 9 needles, I ended up using size 6 needles (mostly because I didn’t see the “size 9” until afterwards, and didn’t understand conversion… (and my borrowed needles are labelled by size, not mm) Oops.

Following the instructions I started ‘casting on’ 10 stitches, but then didn’t really understand how to knit the scarf itself. So – YouTube to the rescue!

After watching the video, I understood much better how to knit the scarf, and was surprised to see how quickly the project came together. (Just knit/garter stitch)  In one evening I completed the whole scarf.

I can’t foresee myself making a second one of these scarves, but I think if I were, I’d probably make it narrower to begin with (casting on perhaps only 6 stitches instead of 10).  The only reason I don’t imagine I’d make another is simply that it’s pretty unique, and having more than one wouldn’t be necessary.  It is also kind of boa-like – so if you are against wearing feather boas (maybe you dont wear feathers, hate the fluff, or are allergic?) this would make a god substitute if you knit it a lot longer, and perhaps just in one colour…

Ruffled scarf

6 comments on “Red Heart Sashay ruffle scarf

  1. Ann Peterson says:

    Is it possible to get a crochet pattern for this scarf?

  2. Betty Pauley says:

    the color name of the brown ruffled scarf

  3. Betty Pauley says:

    Thanks for your reply.will be making one soon.

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