More necklaces

While I was making some of the other necklaces, I also started up or finished off a few other projects too.

I often wear multiple silver pendants at a time, and since I had a few pendants that I hadn’t corded up yet, I thought that putting some that coordinated together would be fun…

String of ankhs

String of ankhs

I started off with a pile of ankh pendants. Most folks who know me, know that I consider the ankh my ‘personal icon’ so to speak. Think of it like a logo-symbol for me.. I ALWAYS have an ankh on me, one way or another, even if you can’t see it! This means I tend to collect things with ankhs on them, including multiple ankh pendants.

I purchased some silver-tone spacer beads from Michael’s craft store, along with some cord (since I was nearly out), and used some connectors from a package I had purchased ages ago of a bunch of different findings. Also on my supply list were some silver-tone ring-crimps, some silver-tone split rings, and a silver-tone lobster clasp and large ring all from my jewellery-making kit.

I roughly figured out how long I wanted the shortest pendant to hang, and the maximum length for the longest, and cut my cord in three lengths, long enough so each pendant would have enough space between the one above/below. The pendants and spacer beads were threaded onto the cord, and the crimps ended the cord – and then were attached to the connector with a split ring.

Then I attached the remaining cord for the necklace to the connector in the same way, and attached the closure. (Measuring for the final length first of course…)

Although the pendants are all slightly different tones of silver, I think that the spacer beads unify the whole thing…

String of ankhs

Pile of stars

Next up I had three star pendants – all out of my “stash” so I don’t actually remember where I got them from originally – though I’m pretty sure the one with the gemstones I bought from a place I used to work.

I essentially did something very similar for this one, with a slight change.  In this case instead of attaching all three layers to a connector, I used a ring crimp on the ends of two of the layers of cord, and with some tube crimps, strung them onto the third layer –crimping above and below to keep the lengths in the right place.

Then I slid a bead cap over each crimp combination to cover up the crimps.  I also made the necklace adjustable with knots rather than adding a clasp – since I prefer to avoid clasps when I can (because of my metal allergy).

Pile of Stars

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