Ideas needed!

The past two years I’ve organized a little holiday craft-making get-together with friends. The goal is to make interesting items to give away as holiday gifts – as well as spend some time with friends.

Last year we made cute little jars of food – you know, those ‘just add the liquids’ jars for things like bean soups, pancakes, etc. Super cute, useable (rather than more trinkets or space-fillers), and really affordable to make – especially when a bunch of people all get together to share the costs. It also was a fair amount of fun to hang out with some friends making up the jars and sharing ideas.

meal in a jar gifts!

The previous year we made melt-and-pour soaps, bath salts, and that kind of thing.  Some people brought the molds, some people brought essential oils, some people brought ingredients, and we all got together to mix, melt, colour, and package up the goodies.  Again, if we all went out and bought the ingredients, molds, oils/fragrances/colours it would be pretty expensive, but with everyone contributing it was way more affordable!

So – what about THIS year?

The ideal project(s) would be:

  • A final projects to give away as nice gifts – or the kind of thing that would be awesome to bring to a holiday party (decoration or consumable)
  • More economical to do as a group than solo – with everyone sharing the cost
  • Not exceptionally messy (that criteria is for me, who will have to clean up our workspace!)
  • Fun!
  • Not require any additional tools or skills beyond what we might already have.  (That’s the tricky part, since we don’t really know what everyone already has…)

So…. out there in the blog-o-sphere, Facebook world, or Twitter-verse has any ideas, links, or Pintrest boards – please add your ideas to the comments below!

3 comments on “Ideas needed!

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