Another cameo

Cameos are another thing I ❤ – traditional or the updated skeleton/octopus/bat ones that I’ve acquired and worked with recently.  I had this cameo pendant (from Michael’s) for a while, and while doing my crafty-ness I thought that I would put it together with some chain and black pearls that I had in my ‘stash’ (also from Michaels).  The problem – the length of the chain was just too long for one strand (without a lot wasted – plus a bit too skimpy for the large pendant) and too short for two strands.  So, I got out the jewellery pliers, and started playing around with the connections.  I actually had to open up the chain to get the pendant on anyways (between the pearls) since the pendant bail is smaller than the pearl…

Cameo pendant

From there I attached the second piece of chain up along the sides of the supporting chain – but with enough excess so that the chain will droop slightly – not unlike my Tudor-meets-Victorian necklace that I made a while back.

I haven’t had the chance to wear this yet.. but I think it will work nicely with my Steampunk-inspired outfits!

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