More ideas needed!

Well, I’m definitely in need of some inspiration lately, and once again I’m turning my eye to the blog-o-sphere/Twitter-verse/Facebook world!

I have an utterly fabulous masquerade ball to go to later this year (or at least I’m hoping it will be utterly fabulous!) and after looking in my closet, I realize I have ~nothing to wear~!  Of course, that’s a fallacy, since I have loads of cute things to wear – but nothing that really screams “masquerade ball” beyond a gown that I’ve already worn to a similar event with the same people a few years back.  I want something NEW.

Luckily, I have a fair amount of time (or at least it feels like that right now.. it likely wont the closer I get to the date without an idea…) to come up with something.

I already have a whole host of masks – feathered masks, lace masks, decorated masks, plain mask blanks ready to be decorated.. so the mask isn’t the problem – but rather the outfit. I’m thinking of something glamourous, slightly over-the-top, but without exposing too much skin.  Think Venetian masks more so than Mardi Gras..  I’m not opposed to something Steampunk-inspired, but that isn’t my first thought this time around. Lots of lace, or frills, or hoop skirts, or beads.. or…?  Georgian or Victorian-inspired seems reasonable, but I’m also toying with the idea of something inspired by Egyptian or Norse mythology-inspired.

So – please send me some ideas! Add your links, concepts and Pintrest boards to the comments below!

3 comments on “More ideas needed!

  1. Lis Kester says:

    Victorian Fancy Dress? There are a ton of gorgeous historical plates/photographs of scrumptious dresses. This costumer is making one based on an Egyptian costume:

  2. […] might remember that last year I asked for inspiration for a masquerade ball and ended up settling with an Anubis costume (thanks to Cherry for reminding me about the posts […]

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