Jean chains

Ok, this comes from another goofy inspiration… in this case, my continuing obsession with everything Apocalyptica. In this case, the wallet-chains that cello player and composer Eicca Toppinen wears on stage.  Yes. I’m this big of an Apo-geek.

Eicca and Paavo

Really, I just had a chain belt that no longer worked for me (it’s hard to get them done up and undone quickly…) so I hooked super-large (and sturdy) split rings on the ends, removed the decoration from the hanging end, and popped on two clasps to either end with the split rings.

Now, I don’t carry my wallet in my back pocket like guys do – BUT when I’m out of my office at work, I have a bunch of keys that I can clip onto this instead of carrying them around with me. (Especially when I need my hands free for a camera/etc.) Easy-peasy-geeky-ness.


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