Texture with Textiles – Sunflower quilt

Sunflower quilt

Another example of a quilt show off in the Texture with Textiles session at the October 19th Creative Stitches show.

Sunflower quilt

Carola showed off this sample, which was taught by one of the students in one of her shop classes back in Gibons.

Sunflower quilt

She talked about how the student/instructor had them all trace the sunflower design onto the white fabric which would be the backing fabric – simply because it is a lot easier to see the design through the white fabric than through the dark face fabric.


Sunflower quilt

Once the sunflower was ‘drawn’ on with thread, (it must have also been sandwiched with batting as well) they took bleach pens to remove the colour from the top fabric (a dark green) and then they painted back in the yellows of the sunflower and the lighter green of the leaves.  The centre of the sunflower was painted with browns, and then heavily beaded with brown/copper/etc beads.

As an art quilt – this looks like so  much fun!


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