Shopping at Creative Stitches

So earlier I wrote about the Creative Stitches & Crafting Alive! trade show in mid/late October.  I didn’t include my shopping in that post because it was already getting pretty lengthy – so I figured that I would include some of the photos here.

Steamtrunk Craftworks


One of the first shops I stopped at was Steampunk Craftworks, from Surrey BC. Here I picked up a bunch of skull beads (to add to the collection of skull beads?).  Oddly enough, the beads at the show were $.83 for the large ones (in a set of three) and $.50 for the small ones (in a set of five).  On their website, the large ones are $.93 (in a set of seven) and $.65 for the small ones (in a set of ten). So… I guess I got a good deal?

I also got  some skull and crossbone ribbon (also a collection?) which is black with silver (and a white outline) I don’t love that the skulls go right-side-up and upside-down, but I’m sure I can find something to do with it!

Finally I also got some satin leaf ribbon in green and brown. This is the kind that is shaped and basically created by heat-cutting the shape, so you get a great shape, that doesn’t fray or need to be hemmed in any way. I saw this becoming something like a hair wreath or something.   (The photo below isn’t great – but you get the idea of what it looks like… )

leaf ribbon

Sugar Pine Quilt Company

grey flannelette

The next shop I went to was a quilt shop called The Quilt Patch where I first saw a few very simple flannelette quilt that I really liked the colours of.   (Dark blues, greens and greys with black sashing.) They had a package of the decorative fabrics (not the black for the sashing) in a multi-pack.

I made a note of the multi-pack to go back later if I didn’t find anything better in that theme – and did go back near the end of the day – but when I got there I saw a pile of greys instead, which I thought would go a lot better with the grey flannelette that I had bought the previous weekend.  But…. I’m not sure if it will.

I figure that if it doesn’t match (I haven’t actually checked yet at the point of writing this…) that maybe I could just go with the pack as it is – and then add in the black for the sashing, and perhaps a highlight/contrast/pop of colour.  I thought red would be nice, but then as I was heading to the cash register, I saw a multi-pack of plums, and although the fabric itself was wrong (quilting cottons instead of flannelette) I thought that the colour would be great.

Again, the photo isn’t fantastic, but it gives at least an idea of the colour I am thinking of, and a general idea of how they might look together.  So… now it’s just a matter of first – finding the grey flannelette that I bought up in Edmonton and see how these would work with it – and after that… seeing if I can find any plum flannelette instead!

possibly plum?

Scrapbooking shop



For this next item, I’m not actually sure of the name of the shop I got it in – they didn’t give me a receipt or a bag, and their price sticker doesn’t have a shop name either.  I think it MIGHT have been The Paper Box – but their website is only a blog.. which doesn’t help either.

This is a tiny lantern from the Tim Holtz collection.

I’m actually a bit disappointed in this one… I don’t quite know what I thought it was in the package – but I didn’t see the electrical cord, and thought that the battery for this tiny little lantern would be like a watch battery, and that the on-off switch was hidden by the way the lantern was packaged.  (Need a better photo? Here it is on a shop site.)

Instead, it has a brown cord which runs to a double-A battery pack.  A very large and cumbersome battery pack.  Which is incredibly hard to open (it doesn’t have a latch, rather the two pieces are just shoved together, and thus need to be pried apart with a butter knife…) and worse still – the battery pack doesn’t have an off-on switch! According to this website – the light will glow for about three days if left on.

I had hoped to do something interesting with this – but with the ugly battery pack, and the annoying cord, and the lack of on-off switch, I really can’t see me using this in the way I had hoped.  So, now to either adapt my idea and plow forth anyways – or to find an entirely different use for this all together.

Bears & Bedtime


The final item I picked up was just a plain teddy bear nose from Bears & Bedtime – this felt like a somewhat silly purchase, weighing in with tax at $.26, but there was nothing else there that I needed or wanted.  (I did take a look at a pattern for needle felting, but it wasn’t needed..) This is HOPEFULLY going to be used in a project I have upcoming – though I haven’t done anything else to start on the project, other than get it started in the research, planning, sketching and inspiration phases…

… and you?

If you attended the show, what did you buy? What workshops did you attend?

2 comments on “Shopping at Creative Stitches

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