Blingtastic necklace

Not too long ago I was down at Suzie Q beads in Inglewood, and picked up a few things.  I also started to see the bling-tastic appeal of the Trollbeads/Pandora/etc (basically they all seem the same to me…) but at 50$ and up PER BEAD there is no way that I’m going to jump on that trend.  Crazy!

Instead, I took a look at Michael’s the last time I was there and found a few things that were similar enough to get the chunky, bling-ed out look I had in mind.  I also decided to make a necklace instead of a bracelet – because since I am constantly on a computer, bracelets often just don’t get worn as much.

beaded necklace

I used:

leftover cards

  • 1 Rhinestone heart toggle clasp – Cousin Corp. brand findings – from my stash
  • 4 Glass/metal bead crystals – Trinkettes, also from Cousin Corp. – package of four
  • 6 Rhinestone ball metal 15mm – Bead Gallery – two packages of three
  • 8 Black glass 9x14mm Rondelle – Bead Gallery – one package of eight
  • 5 Bits & Baubles – Bead Landing – used 5 of the 9 beads in the package.
  • Thick black leather cord – from my stash
  • 2 coil crimps – also from my stash

Really, deciding how I wanted all of the beads to be strung on the cord probably took longer than actually stringing them. The bonus to the large-hole beads – they actually fit over the coil crimps, so I realistically could wear this with the toggle in the back, or with the toggle in the front with the heart-shaped rhinestone charm hanging down.

If you’ve never used coil crimps before, here’s a site with a quick explanation:


Completed necklace

One comment on “Blingtastic necklace

  1. […] ones which I really loved. I’ve started making something with these already, a lot like the blingtastic necklace I posted a while ago, though I haven’t quite decided on it […]

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