Bling, toned down

In my Blingtastic necklace post, I mentioned that I had been down to Suzie Q Beads in Inglewood.  While I didn’t get any of the super-expensive brand-name beads, I did pick up a few different things, including two large rhinestone rondelles, 7 smaller rhinestone rondelles, one silver/clear crystal bead, and a rhinestone encrusted ‘ring’.  I also picked up three different colours of leather cord – they had gorgeous colours that I couldn’t put down – I ended up getting copper, silver, and teal metallic.

rondelle necklace

rondelle necklace

The first necklace I made was using the 7 smaller rhinestone rondelles. Simply stringing them on some narrow cord (not the leather cord I had picked up there – the holes were too small for the thicker cord), then two black glass beads from Michaels, then 2 tiny clear/silver-lined glass beads from my stash and finally a crimp to hold it all in place on either side.  I finished the necklace with a black (with one tiny clear rhinestone) toggle clasp, and the larger crimps I picked up at Beads & Plenty More a few weeks earlier.

rhinestone ring necklace clasp

Next up, the rhinestone encrusted ‘ring’. I managed to get it onto a silver-tone split ring, and then strung it on the teal metallic cord, followed by three silver-tone spacers on either side.  The necklace was finished with the same rhinestone heart toggle clasp that I used for my Blingtastic necklace (it had come in a package of two), and some crimp rings.


rhinestone ring necklace ( a little out of focus…)

The larger rhinestone rondelles and the silver/crystal bead… well, it didn’t work up the way I had hoped (I had thought that the black glass beads would work with it – but they didn’t) so it’s still in the ‘work in progress’ pile!

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