Masquerade Ball

Not too long ago I posted a  request for inspiration I posted about an upcoming Masquerade Ball that I need a new costume for. (Well, I don’t NEED a new costume – rather I WANT a new costume.. since this group of people have already seen most of my existing costumes…)  I wasn’t really sure which direction I wanted to go in, so I headed to the fabric store and hoped for some inspiration!

I was up in Edmonton and headed to Marshall’s fabrics.  I’ve been there once before and wasn’t too impressed with the organization of the shop – but the prices were ok.  This time around I felt the same – I found great fabric – but only in one colour… (or at least I couldn’t find it in other colours…) or fabrics were in the entirely wrong sections – and some sections seemed to be entirely random.

Still though, I found some fabric which got me started…


So, starting off with some inspiration images…

Please click on the images for the original source – no copyright infringement intended, using only for reference and research purposes.

Found on the Statue Forum (click for original)

From the Statue Forum

  • Black skin & mask (jackal)
  • Tall ears
  • Headpiece on the sides (horizontal stripes of gold/silver)
  • Wide golden collar
  • Shirtless (male)
  • Ankh pendant
  • Golden armbands
  • Silver and gold belt
  • Pleated wrap golden skirt
  • Carrying an extra-large golden ankh on a cord
  • Silver staff with a golden jackal head

A description…

He was usually portrayed as a half human, half jackal, or in full jackal form wearing a ribbon and holding a flail in the crook of its arm. The jackal was strongly associated with cemeteries in ancient Egypt, since it was a scavenger which threatened to uncover human bodies and eat their flesh. The distinctive black color of Anubis did not have to do with the jackal but with the color of rotting flesh and with the black soil of the Nile valley, symbolizing rebirth.” – From SpinSerpent

From the Closed Heart

Fro the Closed Heart

  • Same black jackal head, but with two-toned ears
  • Black headpiece with golden trim
  • Possible striped golden-ish collar
  • Golden armbands and bracelets
  • Shell or diamond patterned dress/sheath (copper and teal?)
  • Golden belt
  • Diagonally striped skirt overlay on one side
  • Natural skin colour


An amazing costume in photos…

Check out this series of photos illustrating the build of an amazing costume from the wire-frame headpiece to the illuminated ankh that the player will carry.  I LOVE this illuminated ankh – and this part (unlike the mask) might actually be attainable! – Check out Wolftronix

From Gratz Industries

A costume from a blog – Gratz Industries

An actual costume this time!Clearly not something I’ll be making for myself for this time around, but a great jumping off point!

  • Black jackal mask
  • Golden ears
  • Black and gold horizontal striped headpiece
  • Maybe some sort of golden collar?
  • Black triangle top with golden band and coin trim (?)
  • Brown staff
  • Black cape/cloak hanging behind (?)
  • Black skirt with golden hanging belt

See below for a different view of the same costume! Or click here for yet another!

From Demmi Goddess

From Demmi Goddess

This photo gives a LOT more detail of the top of the costume, which is fantastic!The mask looks fantastic – the ears are slightly striped in texture (as though golden ribbon has been laid into a curved ear, the eyes are outlined in gold, and the nose is shaped just like a canine nose.  Really excellent work!The headpiece goes over the head and comes down on either side – The shape of this is really distinct – and something important to replicate I think to get the right look.  In this case it’s black fabric with golden (lame?) fabric stripes cut and sewed onto the black fabric.There is a collar – a golden (lame) curve trimmed on either side of the curve with golden ribbon-braid, and then a different gimp-like braid down the collar for decoration.  There are also golden coins with blue beads hanging from the collar.The triangle top is just as described above – with the same ribbon-braid  and gimp-braid to decorate and trim it.The cape is sheer and dotted.The staff has a large ankh on the top..Cleopatra’s foam headdress is also fantastic!
It looks like Anubis may have originally had a white costume!  (The mask definitely looks the same.) Another shot here. And yet another! So photogenic!

Just a few links

These are nice photos and all, but don’t really add a lot to my overall inspiration board.  Still – they might come in handy!

  • A glossy black and gold statue on the Lost tv forum.
  • A photo of a huge statue in Seattle (to celebrate the King Tut exhibit). Another photo of the same statue in Vienna.  And London.
  • A bunch of really cool Anubis tattoos – unfortunately you can’t see the larger images without a membership…
  • Really beautiful illustration – though I don’t think it’s useful inspiration – though I do love the idea of the half-mask.
  • Another amazing illustration – I like the use of green and purple with this one – though I think that black, gold, and blue will probably read better…
  • Anubis vs. Batman. Awesome.
  • A little statue, but it doesn’t add anything to my list – it’s just pretty.  (It does use red along with white and blue for the costume, which is nice too…)

From BakuraGirl

From BakaruGirl

Speaking of the shape of that headpiece, BakuraGirl has a great sketch with a fantastic idea – cut outs. (For the shoulders)She also illustrates a snake on the top of the head, and golden paint around the eyes.More photos on her page show a work-in-progress of the mask – using wire and tape for the initial shape of the head, followed by paper mache, and foam for the ears.


While searching around, I found this really awesome mask/helmet from a Sci-Fi series that used an Anubis-like character, and I really love the decorative elements contained within the texture of the helmet.  (Fans/fronds, scarabs, etc) I thought that having some decorative elements included in my research would be important and useful too.

From Blingdom of god

Anubis ring found on the Blingdom of god website

This doesn’t really seem to fall into the same category for inspiration – a ring…BUT… I am thinking this might be a neat way to make the ‘mask’ – base it off a tiara/crown versus basing it off the mask.. This might make more sense in my head than on ‘paper’.

From the Atomic Think Tank

from the Atomic Think Tank

Ok, moving back to illustration…I am adding this one in because of the colours and decorations more than anything else…

  • Golden-trimmed ears – with two golden earrings
  • Golden striped headpiece with blue trim on the lower edge (not unlike the costume illustration above, just reversed).
  • Gold and blue collar
  • Armband and matching bracelets and ankle cuffs/anklets
  • Black skin
  • Golden staff with a purple ‘grip’
  • Interesting skirt with a golden belt.  White skirt trimmed with gold and blue stripes and gold trim. Blue waist area with gold trim.

From Kheleksul

From Kheleksul

An amazing illustration

  • Black skin
  • Copper armbands trimmed with gold
  • Gold and bronze bracers
  • Snake-head staff with a weird blade-thing on the bottom
  • Golden headpiece
  • Golden collar
  • Golden chest harness
  • White, gold and bronze skirt with trailing belt with a golden ankh
  • Lots of pleats/stripes, and trim

From Dark Natasha

From Dark Natasha

Another fabulous illustrationI really love the details on this one.

  • Blue eye decoration
  • Snake decorations on the forehead
  • Black skin
  • Dangling things near the ears
  • Wide scarf-necklace thing
  • Long white cloak
  • Triple-strand belt (which holds the dagger/knife – which I won’t be adding!)
  • Long pointed staff
  • Neat foot/ankle/lower leg bracer kind of things.

So I’ve got my inspiration…

Now what?
… more posts to come! Follow the Masquerade Ball Category for where I go from here!

4 comments on “Masquerade Ball

  1. liselfwench says:

    Yay! I LOVE your idea and can’t wait to see how it comes together. Anubis has always been one of my favorite gods.

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  3. […] remember that last year I asked for inspiration for a masquerade ball and ended up settling with an Anubis costume (thanks to Cherry for reminding me about the posts I’d forgotten […]

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