Anubis – getting started

Now what?

I had my inspiration images for my Masquerade Ball costume

So from here I made up a sketch of what I wanted to do – taking the elements from each of the inspiration elements that I really liked to make something that suited me (in both what I want, and what I can reasonably imagine making…)

Anubis costume sketch

Now to do the breakdown…


I’m not entirely sure how I’ll make this.  Part of me thinks that I could mount the ears on a mask and then just have the headdress separate.  Then I think in terms of balance, that having the ears, headdress, and mask all mounted on a hat-form. Maybe mount the headdress and ears on the hat-form and wear the mask separately? There are a few things to think of – balance is just one of them – also eating and dancing at the ball – if at some point I need to take something off – it would be nice to not loose everything… still retain some of the costume even if I have to remove the mask for instance (to eat or drink..)


On one hand I could entirely bead the collar which would likely be more realistic and accurate – I don’t love those “cut out a cardboard circle!” collars that I’ve seen on ‘Egyptian costume’ craft sites, but on the other hand that would mean a LOT of beads.. and a lot of time. I might leave this element until last, and then figure out how much time I have.  And in the meantime I can search for huge amounts of large and yet also pretty, and yet also affordable beads…


This might be the easiest part – but I am sure I’ll figure out a way to make it complicated – like wanting to have it light up…


Also super -easy.. probably will just use one I  am wearing right now… (though with my design, a gold version would work far better than the silver one I already have – perhaps I’ll make a mold of the one I have and then cast it in resin?)


Probably also easy, unless I decide to also make this be a purse… I AM going to need something to carry my keys, ID, and cab fare in, and an ankh purse would be awesome… again this might be something I save until the end, and figure out how much time I actually have to spend.


Complicated – but no more so than the mask, so this shouldn’t be hard. I picked up the gold fabrics and the teal from Marshall’s in Edmonton, and will just have to ensure that my existing basic skirt pattern still fits.


I’m not entirely sure how I want these to come together. I really want these to look like metal versus fabric – yet in order for them to stay up they’ll either have to be elastic or be sewn to the shirt. Either way – not really metal-friendly.  Plus – how even to make them in metal/make them look like metal?

One comment on “Anubis – getting started

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