Anubis – Ears, Mask & Headdress

In a previous post I broke down the elements of the Anubis costume I wanted to make for an upcoming Masquerade party.  In this post I’ll start looking at the ears, mask, and headdress specifically.

When I was doing the breakdown, I was trying to decide how to mount the ears, mask (nose), and headdress.  My options were:

  • Mount the ears on the mask and wear the headdress over top
  • Mount the ears, headdress and mask on a hat form
  • Mount the ears and headdress on a hat form and wear the mask separately

My concerns were balance (keeping it all ON) as well as what else I might have to do while in costume… and if I wanted to be able to take off one part of the costume (namely the mask) while still keeping on other parts of the costume.  For instance to eat/drink, etc…

Ideally I decided I would like to do the nose/mask as one item, and then the ears and headdress as a second item – likely mounted on a hat form.  However, then as I was working, I ended up making them up as one unit instead. Initial plans don’t always work… (Plus I didn’t have a hat form that I wanted to give up for the costume…)


Like the sketch from my inspiration, I wanted the shoulders of the headdress to be cut out so that it would lay flat in the front.  I basically just took a rectangle of fabric (the same gold as the back of the front flag panel for the skirt), folded it in half (right side together) and sewed the three remaining sides. Then I cut out the shoulders, and curved the back corners.  I sewed up the curves (minus a small portion to turn it), turned it, slip-stitched the opening closed, and pressed it, pressing a section at the front back. I’m not 100% happy with this – I think perhaps I might want to do this as more of a hood instead, but for now this will have to work. (If I end up with more time I might re-make this..)

Ears & Mask

Well, I had too much to say about the ears and mask, so I split the posts – so stay tuned!

One comment on “Anubis – Ears, Mask & Headdress

  1. […] In the head-on photo of the headdress, (below) I really felt like the headdress worked – however in other views I don’t love it as much.  I wonder if it’s just a matter of trying to recreate something three-dimensional with only drawings (which aren’t always realistic) to go from.  Either way – it definitely gives the effect that I was going for, even if it isn’t 100% perfect.  I’m happy with it overall.  Read more about the headdress here.   […]

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