Crafting in action

I did a few posts a while ago of two necklaces, the silver feathers and the hematite necklace, but didn’t have the chance to get a self-photo.

A while back I did take some photos, but forgot to load them up!

Finally I was going through some photos that I had to still load up, so here they are!

Silver Feathers necklace

Silver Feathers necklace

Above is the silver feathers necklace, and below is the hematite necklace, along with a band t-shirt I altered.  I hopefully will have a post about altering shirts at some point too…

Hematite necklace and a HIM t-shirt I altered

Hematite necklace and a HIM t-shirt I altered

Knitting:Chunky infinity cowl

This is a super-quick post, mostly because I have a cute picture and thought I’d share.  I finished this cowl off in November (just in time for the cold weather).  It’s doubled-up Kaleidoscope by Loops & Threads Fashion in a variegated grey/black/white.  The result is really thick and cushy, and also really warm because the yarn is 100% wool. (I LOVE WOOL!)

grey cowl

grey cowl

Anubis – armbands

If you remember my original Anubis sketch, you’ll remember that I had armbands on the costume. Part of me wanted them to be metal, but I also thought in order to keep them up they’d need to either have an elastic portion, or be sewn to the shirt.  Frankly, I have weak girly-arms, and lack the muscle definition to keep armbands UP without additional measures.

As the event I wanted to wear this costume to got closer and closer, I kept putting off making the arm bands as I tried to figure out how to do them.  I had some of the scarab beads leftover from the collar/necklace that I never used, and thought they would work on the armbands, but I still just couldn’t picture it. I cut out some black elastic and stitched it up into a base for an armband and wore it around for a while, and still wasn’t really happy with even just the base.  I scratched the whole armband idea entirely and decided to use the scarabs and leftover beads for a bracelet instead, and then never got to that either in time.  I just wasn’t inspired anymore by that point.

So, I never did make the armbands. Instead I grabbed a copper wire bracelet/cuff from my costume jewlery box and just went with that. It isn’t nearly as impressive as my sketch or what I saw in my head – but it was DONE…

Adding to the fabric stash

I do love a good fabric sale, and Fabricland had a good one where I picked up a few things for works-in-progress, as well as *ahem* a few things that just jumped out at me…

Here’s hoping that by posting them on here, I’m motivated to find the time to make things with them!

gorgeous satins

First up a trio of gorgeous satins – these are so nice to the touch!  I have two bedroom ‘sets’ of linens – one is blue and white, while the other is red and gold.  The silver satin will be paired with some blue satin I already have for blue and silver pillowcases, while the red and gold will make up another set of pillowcases. I’ve used satin pillowcases for years because they are supposed to be more gentle on your hair and cause less overall hair loss (which happens naturally anyways…)

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